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Monday, June 15, 2009

Things To Keep You Up At Night

like time
eating a hole in my winter coat that I left hanging,
with the words still dangling
and the closet door open and all the skeletons waving.

like hope
an ocean I can hear through the window
rising and falling so
vast and far I can't fathom what is down deep below.

like love
running wild and frightening the junkies
I'm holding a roman candle
lit and sparking diamonds on my ugly sleeves.

like music
kissing softly on my ear and at my throat
moving my soul with notes
that fall singly and dissolve like crystals of snow.

like you
the face I imagine even now before sleep
the thing I need
more than all of these, the thing I would keep.

Painting: entitled 3 pm, one of mine from the "Wasted" series.

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