To the reader

Some thoughts, I cannot keep.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Eve or Jazz

the notes trip over themselves
busy shoppers in a narrow hallway of a measure
bee doo doo doo da bop pop punches
a woman and straight to the front of the line
we go.
Endless movement of shuffling and murmuring
dominates the line
the line with no end, the swift and uncertain
chasing of happiness,
the mindful chaos of improvisational
journeying, the end goal
a perfect piece that satisfies,
the reward is a smile.

Friday, February 3, 2012


The first slumber is jarring,
you rebel. You shake like a prophet.

The second time, you knit your brows,
concerned but unsurprised.

The third time you sigh.

Oh my soul, that sigh was like a dying breath. You are asleep in your own body.

The song of life is no lullaby for your heart. Life hums and buzzes
with the work of billions,

and the keeper who sleeps by the hive is a dead man.

The Messenger

Backlit against the sun
like a black angel,
I am a dove beating her wings,
olive branch
delicate and new in her mouth.

Salt cracked lips smiling,
tears blown away by the sea wind.

I am the first of a generation
seeking land
in a flood. All the rest before us
angered God
with their greed
and their bile
and their endless talk of money.

They are washed away, and we float
above the drowned echoes of their voices.  Still,
we are lost.
I am sent to look for solid ground,
and I return with the first branch,
stripped from the first new tree.

Already, you demand a sacrifice.
We will never change. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving to a new blog home!

I have a new blog! To read up on my current adventures and lifestyle, continue following me at! I'll be chronicling the things I like, whether it be music, art, food, fashion, travel and decor. Life is so busy and full of adventures, but we should never forget to stop sometimes, and document the awesome things we're seeing.

This will still be a blog for poetry. I think I like separating the two.