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Monday, September 28, 2009

Appearances by.....

People are slowly but surely beginning to enhance my album and make it shine.

William Gaylord has put his prodigious guitar skills on both "Can't Fight" (an edgier track for me, and the most alternative of the album) and "You Are What You Choose", a piano song that I've always wanted to record.

Robert Sims the lead singer of the band Scattered, Smothered and Covered has been kind enough to consent laying down soulful harmonica and harmony on the song "Long, White Robe". This song has deep church roots, and is heavily influenced by sacred harp singing. To find out more about that old mountain sound, go to

Max Ribot , one of the best classical guitarists I've had the pleasure of meeting, is the newest addition to the project and will be making his guitar sing through the strains of "Sweet and Low", a love song that I've had written for a while but which through request, had to be on the album! :)

Last but certainly not least, my own mom Cindy Harter has added beautiful harmonies to "Sky's lullabye", a song for my niece and her Granddaughter, little Sky Noel.

That's it for now! Thank you to all these amazing musicians for sharing your gifts!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Songs and sushi on a stormy day

Today was yet another magical day of recording the album with my ptoducer, Will. I brought sustenence in the form of California rolls and we got to work, tracking two songs, "White Robe" and a brand new, never-before-heard track "We Will Never Die". However, the clouds kept interrupting recording. Literally. Like magic, as soon as I'd start singing some thunderhead would butt in and rumble for a good long minute. We'd wait for a moment, start again and interrupting cloud would be at it again. It was enough to almost make me a believer in Zeus. It was like prank calls from heaven.

After we finished recording, we sat down and set up a date for the cd release party!! Everybody mark your calendars for Dec. 18th!! It's gonna be so fun and you'll get to hear the songs before anyone else:) peace for now!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Harvest Moon.... or, I LOVE bluegrass

This past Thursday night I got a really exciting opportunity. I was able to play guitar and sing with some talented bluegrass/blues musicians at the Harvest Moon Cafe in Rome. The restaurant was practically a soundbox (all high ceilings, wooden floors and vault-like interior) and the audience was amazing.

Nothing can take your breath away faster than trying to keep up with a harmonica, mandolin, guitar and fiddle all going at hyperspeed as they blaze through a bluegrass tune. Still, I was smiling so much it actually hurt my face. And, bonus, I got this AWESOME t-shirt from the restaurant that's the prettiest tie-dye I've ever seen. Thank you to Timothy, Robert and Roger- what a great night!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Studio times are a changin.... (to be sung like Bob Dylan)

So, I spent the afternoon playing all sorts of ambient tones on a keyboard with my hardworking and ever hilarious producer, Will. We were enchanted by tones like "pulse" that sounded like windchimes faintly heard from a distance, but we laughed our heads off at other tones like "dissecting aliens" which to be honest sounded like farts in the bathtub. Haha, yeah pretty bad.

Recording has been so much fun, and it's glorious and sad all at the same time that we will be done within a month. Mixing will start in mid-October and then mastering, printing and voilĂ ! Album by Christmas:) Stat tuned, I'm figuring out where and when to have a cd release party and everyone will be invited to the glorious event! Love you and my blessings! Maggie