To the reader

Some thoughts, I cannot keep.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Music Video Shoot!

On Wednesday I had my first official music video shoot for the upcoming single "We Will Never Die." My producer, Will, and the very talented film maker Danny Kersic headed the project. We'd been talking it out for a few weeks, brainstorming, storyboarding and scouting locations, and finally at 4:30 am I woke up, got ready and headed out to the set.

The video is set in this giant field and while it was really really really cold, seeing the weather change all day and getting to be outside experiencing and documenting everything was so beautiful. I was very moved by the excitement and energy of my friends that agreed to come out toweather the long hours with me. We had so much fun! Here are some shots of what it was like. There's an awful lot I'm not showing you, because I want some of it to be a surprise, but I'll at least give you a teaser ;) If you want to see all the photos, click on the link below to go to facebook and become my fan on my fanpage! I've posted 47 exclusive photos of the shoot!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Link to my new "first listen" video!

Click above to watch my new video and hear 30 seconds of the last song on the album, entitled "Can't Fight." Only 36 days left until the album release! Gah- I'm excited and nervous all at once :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

for the little prince

These thoughts have veiled
and settled
like gauze over roses,
the stirring snags and destroys.
I am pulled
in ten tender directions.
Things move in me and ache like the absence of a thorn.
The world is so small, and I can walk to see the sunset any time I like.

But I like
the dark, and the stars.
I like imagining the friends on planets I have never seen, who might love me,
if they knew me.
And I think of them,
those strangers who will tame me,
and the hurt
is for their soft hands I have never felt,
and their bright shining eyes that have not cried with me.

It is strange
to look into the night and see
the spaces between stars, the black
that is endlessness.
It is like looking into the future and divining all that you will ever know,
before you know it.