To the reader

Some thoughts, I cannot keep.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I was your secret

Meet me
at the bottom of a still black lake,
that is where we still live in love.
You were always my night watch,
where light cannot touch,
you are still my breathing god.

we will never make,
silent and deathlike our masked faces,
I never forgot you. I return now to pledge
my fidelity to this bitter war we have waged.
I will drink your hate,

I remain a hole
where you pour your discontent.

They were always heavy,
the words we meant,
and I mean them still.
I am yours to take,
if you meet me at the bottom
of this still black lake.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Liar

A great eagle is resting
on my shoulders,
his talons are tapping
at my collar bone,
his beak is plucking
at my brow.
He beats his wings
about my ears,
my head is pounding.
Heavy, he rustles,
his feathers tickle my cheek.
It is a great weight,
this majestic creature
on my shoulders.
I know he is bloody,
I see it in his claws.
He turns his head with mine,
as my gaze falls on you, love.
I carry a hunter,
and he will feast on your heart.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I dread the stink of money.
When I find a pure thing, a perfect thing,
it is not long before it's delicate flavor
is ruined by money.

Many of my desires and fears smell of it. They equally reek.

How do I free myself from money?
In a world of so many empty mouths,
every crumb and drop has a price.

Death also reeks, and I would not have that either.
So I bathe in coins and smell of the world.

That comforting hope

Sailing over a broken sea,
with high flags flying.

I cannot bring the breeze
but I can let out the sails,

the winds of change are coming.

They always come, my love,
they always come.

Find Yourself

Where is your heart now?
You have hidden it so deep,
even your sadness
cannot find you.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I went into that sacred place,
that glowing strand of soul in me,
and asked my quiet self
if I had understanding.

Like a rolling wave of grief
that crashes on Love's shore,
my secret self gave no relief
and I was afraid.

Fear made my hands closed fists,
and my mouth was an open scream,
things poured into me from the world
that had no meaning.

I listened to that fear rage
like a gale that breaks buildings
and I shook until I was broken.
Again, there was silence reigning.

Only then my glowing core,
that is me at last and was me before,
smiled and said, "You will fear no more,
and you have understanding."