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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Studio times are a changin.... (to be sung like Bob Dylan)

So, I spent the afternoon playing all sorts of ambient tones on a keyboard with my hardworking and ever hilarious producer, Will. We were enchanted by tones like "pulse" that sounded like windchimes faintly heard from a distance, but we laughed our heads off at other tones like "dissecting aliens" which to be honest sounded like farts in the bathtub. Haha, yeah pretty bad.

Recording has been so much fun, and it's glorious and sad all at the same time that we will be done within a month. Mixing will start in mid-October and then mastering, printing and voilĂ ! Album by Christmas:) Stat tuned, I'm figuring out where and when to have a cd release party and everyone will be invited to the glorious event! Love you and my blessings! Maggie

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