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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Songs and sushi on a stormy day

Today was yet another magical day of recording the album with my ptoducer, Will. I brought sustenence in the form of California rolls and we got to work, tracking two songs, "White Robe" and a brand new, never-before-heard track "We Will Never Die". However, the clouds kept interrupting recording. Literally. Like magic, as soon as I'd start singing some thunderhead would butt in and rumble for a good long minute. We'd wait for a moment, start again and interrupting cloud would be at it again. It was enough to almost make me a believer in Zeus. It was like prank calls from heaven.

After we finished recording, we sat down and set up a date for the cd release party!! Everybody mark your calendars for Dec. 18th!! It's gonna be so fun and you'll get to hear the songs before anyone else:) peace for now!


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