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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recording In Cartersville

I've traveled back to Cartersville (my hometown) for a recording session with my sisters. We grew up primitive baptist and our attachment to old creepy hymns is so great that we decided to make some rough cuts for friends and family.

If you can imagine it, recording goes something like this. I lean over my boss, pressing buttons and wondering how in the world I lost the best version of Amazing Grace while Melody (the oldest), tries to sneak out the back door and leave because recording makes her so nervous. Meanwhile, Ellie (the youngest) is rocking her tiny baby Sky and reading the same verse over and over, trying to remember it so that she doesn't have to mumble through her angelic solo- and all the while we're laughing at each other and enjoying the time together. Nothing beats hanging out with sisters (except maybe hanging out with sisters AND brothers).

My sister Ellie and Her Baby, Sky

My recording system, a BOSS

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Dawn said...

hahaha lol a creepy hymns!