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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Title, New Poster

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Well, all the songs are recorded at last! Hooray! Now for the mixing and mastering.... It is great to have everything tracked because it has really helped me get familiar with the tone of the whole project. So....after listening to the songs, I've changed the title of the album. The debut album is entitled "Change. Love. Surrender." The reason for the change is pretty basic, really- as I listened to the songs these three themes seemed to dominate. Every song has at least one of the themes running through it, and some have up to all three! It was a clarifying moment. I knew all these songs were connected, but it was really neat to have a sudden epiphany and realize that three words summed up my state of mind for the thing. Yey!

In other news, I went on the album photoshoot today with my mom (the amazing Cindy Harter- check out my link to her blog) and we got some really great shots. She's so funny, she'll climb up on jagged abandoned fences and say "Just lean your head back like this" as the rust flakes fall like snow and the fence groans threateningly. She'll dive into hay bales, break in to old wearhouses and set up shop in a snake-infested field, all to get her shot. I loved it, it was like a grand adventure. We had a car full of props (literally, we dragged an armchair out into a hay field) and tons of outfits. I would act all modelly in front of a wearhouse with urban backdrop appeal, then dash off to awkwardly change in the car while motorists passed by in the industrial parkway. Then after shaking the oh so unsexy hay out of my hair and donning high heels that I haven't worn in, well, ever, I teetered over to some new location and continued the modelly-ness. Yes. I lead a glamorous life. I joke, but you really do feel famous when you spend the whole day in front of the camera. Even if it is your mom taking the pictures, haha.

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Allison said...

Can I pre-order???? I need a few. I can't wait- I am giving them as Christmas gifts. People are going to be talking about my great gift giving skills for YEARS.